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As I sat this morning and drank my coffee, my husband was scrolling through some news bits on his phone. He came across the most horrendous thing that pricked me to my soul. Someone is now trying to say that the Virgin Mary was raped by God because she was a non-consenting partner when she was impregnated by the Holy Ghost with the Savior, Jesus Christ. I have heard a lot of nasty things spewed out by this “everything offends me” crowd, but this is just taking it to a new low. They seem to be offended at everything, and the crazy thing is, we are trying to appease them. Satan is working overtime to do his best to bring down as many as he can because he knows his time is short. Jesus said when he was here, the last days will be as the days of Noah. In those days people did as they pleased, evil grew worse and worse until God said he regretted even creating man. And he would have destroyed all of mankind if not for the faith of Noah. I see the darkness descending on our country, and around the world, and it is hard to watch. But I know it has to happen for the timing of things to come. It seems even Hollywood knows something is up with all the movies coming out with an Apocalyptic theme. America seems to know something is up if you ask me. My friend, are you confident that you will go to heaven when you die? No one knows the day they will die. Be sure to be ready. See the section on “Got Jesus?” Please do not go into eternity without Him, because there is no way out of Hell. And the way things are going downhill, there is no telling how much time America has left.