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One time I was driving to work and the morning talk show was discussing how to keep our kids safe in schools in case a maniac would come in and start shooting in your child’s school. This is a real fear for parents and children all around our country today.  The host was trying to get callers to come up with a good answer to keep our children safe Listeners were giving their thoughts of his idea of teaching our children to fight back when faced with the situation.  He wanted to bring in professional people to teach them how to fight the criminal, and how to give them the best chance for survival if ever faced with the terrible possibility if a shooter would ever get into their school.  Callers were calling in and giving their opinion of agreement and disagreement of his idea, adding things and talking about how to give them the best fighting chance and what may be the best solution. 

As I drove, I thought to myself, where have we ended up as a nation?  In 1962 the decision was made in the US Supreme Court in the case of Engel v. Vitale removing prayer out of our public schools.  I am a nurse by profession. As a healthcare provider, one thing you can do when someone is ill is treat the symptoms or treat the problem. If you treat the symptoms, the person will feel better for a while, but the disease is still there and will overcome him eventually. If you treat the disease, you will heal the person, and he will be healthy again. When we, as a nation, decided to remove prayer from our schools, we were saying that we did not want God there, or His standards. 

There was a second decision that effected schools directly, and it was in 1980 in the US Supreme Court Stone v. Graham which stopped the posting of the Ten Commandments in schools. One of those commandments is thou shalt not kill. So there have been two very damning rulings to our children. When you remove something such as God and His Word, there is a void, a vacuum which must be filled by something. Oh, my friend, it was. You see, God’s Word is a standard. It tells us not to Lie, Cheat, Steal, or Kill.  A Yard Stick to measure how to live and how to function in society. But if you remove that Yard Stick, then you create your own standards. What is right for me might not be right for you. My truth may not be your truth.

If a carpenter wanted to build a house and he wanted to make it 10 feet tall but his yardstick he had was make of elastic do you think any of his measurements would be correct? No, some of his cuts of wood would be 9 feet, and some would be 11 feet.  And when he tried to put it all together, it would fall down on his head. This is the way standards are being taught in our schools today. Whatever is right to you, whatever is truth to you, then that is OK. Then, what makes that person grow up to think that killing another person is all that bad? Add to it all the violence on TV and video games.

Is it any wonder that violence is increasing as these children grow up in this system and then come back to commit violence? They have to moral compass to guide them. What is right and wrong have skewed.

Have you ever watched an episode of Judge Judy? She is a judge, and judges by laws. I don’t know what her religious beliefs are, but she does have a moral set of values. Do you ever watch the face of some the young people she really talks to when the person is caught in the act of immorality or misbehavior?  I watch sometimes and I see bewilderment all over their young faces. They just don’t get it.  I am sure they are coming out of a system where they may have never heard such things before. She is probably the first person to talk to them about morality.  And she is not even close to talking Christianity! 

God does not measure with an elastic yard stick. The last time I checked, the death rate was 100%. The Bible says, “And inasmuch as it is appointed for men to die once and after this comes judgment.” (Hebrews 9:27 ASV) He will judge each of us after we die. He will look not over anything, not even a little white lie!  We have to live a perfect life without any sin to be accepted by God.  But of course that is not possible. Just as the young man standing before Judge Judy is guilty, we are guilty before God. Judge Judy will not let the young man go without sentencing him to justice and what he deserves. So we, in a much higher place must stand before God, who will be our judge and will answer to Him as being guilty of committing sin and breaking His Law He has given us to follow.

The sentence will be given, but there is Someone that has already carried out the punishment. The penalty has been paid and time has been served. God sent His Son, Jesus, to come to this earth. He was born and lived a perfect sinless life. He never did anything wrong. How could He do that?  Well, he was 100% Man, but was also 100% God. He was born of a Virgin, His mother Mary, and His Father was the Holy Spirit.  That made Him able to be the perfect One to take on the sins of the world. And the good news is that He did not stay dead, He rose again, and is alive today in Heaven. When we trust in Him we know that after we die and the judgment comes as in the verse in Hebrews says, we know that Jesus will step up for us and say, “He/She is mine, I have forgiven them of their sin – the judgment is paid” and we can enter Heaven. 

How do you do that? Accept that Jesus came here and that He lived a perfect life and that He died on the cross, a perfect sacrifice for your sin. To pay for all the bad actions and things you have ever done. He did it because He loves you and wants you to have a way to get into Heaven. My friend it is the ONLY way there. Believe this and ask Him to forgive your sins and come into your life. Then you must seek out other believers to help you learn and grow as a new Christian. 

Our nation, our Judges in our Supreme Courts have decided that our children to not need to know God’s Law. They have torn down the posting of the Ten Commandments that is only a small guideline, a very small portion of God’s word to say the least. The have removed these standards and have replaced them with an elastic yard stick. One that allows them to say, whatever is your truth, then that is OK.  Well, taking lives of others crosses their proverbial line. Unfortunately there is no standard there anymore to teach them. We need to have a Yard stick that is solid, one that we can count on.  God’s Word never changes. Killing is always wrong, and is taught so in His Word.  We have removed God’s Word from our Schools and replaced them with Policemen and armed guards to try to keep them from evil. Policemen will not keep out the kind of evil we have let into our schools.  Our nation needs to repent, but more importantly, each of us individually need to make the decision to repent of our sin.